Mining the Disclosure 2016

Mining the Disclosures 2016 is an evaluation of company due diligence on the challenge of conflict minerals, including risk management, human rights impact, and reporting quality.

Conflict in Eastern DRC remains one of the most salient humanitarian crises in the world, and minerals mined in the region continue to be used to illegally fund armed groups. However, working together with stakeholders, leading companies have been able to make progress and increase the number of conflict-free mines in the DRC. Companies must approach conflict minerals reporting as an opportunity to conduct comprehensive risk management on human rights issues, not simply check a compliance box.

As companies increase their individual and collective ability to trace supply chains back to the smelters that processed the raw minerals, they are in a position to encourage conflict-free sourcing from regions like Colombia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), providing impetus for development and stability. The products we use every day connect us to the people at the heart of global supply chains, and we have an opportunity to invest accordingly.


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