Ethical Sourcing Forum - An Interview with Patricia Jurewicz, Director, Responsible Sourcing Network (2013)


CNN Report on Cotton Exporters Using Child Labor, ft. Patricia Jurewicz (2013)


Child Labor for Cotton in Uzbekistan (2011)


Conflict Minerals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (2011)


Ceres Conference - An Interview with Patricia Jurewicz, Repsonsible Sourcing Network (2011)


Campus2Congo Conference (Part 4) - Three-person panel on multi-stakeholders at Stanford. Patricia Jurewicz of Responsible Sourcing Network is featured on Parts 3, 4, and 5.

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Tim Wilson: Facilitating Transparency with Technology (2010)


Rebecca Calahan Klein on Social Responsibility and Uzbek Cotton (2010)


Patricia Jurewicz Gives Insight Into the World of Uzbek Cotton



Kindley Walsh Lalor from Gap Inc. Talks About Enforcing Transparent Supply (2010)


Elaine Fultz (former ILO Director) Identifies Key Problems and Solutions for Uzbek Cotton Issue (2010)


Bennet Freeman on Uzbek Cotton and Corporate Responsibility (2010)


Levis Responsibly Sources Their Cotton, Says No to Forced Child Labor (2010)






Best Current Practices in Purchasing: The Apparel Industry

This is a webinar hosted by RSN director, Patricia Jurewicz.  Click below to watch the 60 minute.