Raphaël Deberdt


Raphaël is the lead author of Responsible Sourcing Network (RSN)’s Mining the Disclosures 2018 and 2017 reports. Prior to joining Responsible Sourcing Network, he worked for Global Witness in Washington, D.C., focusing on conflict minerals from Central Africa. Previously, he explored indigenous-related conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with a Congolese NGO, monitoring community violence in the former Katanga province. He later interned at the Oakland Institute, researching land-grabbing issues in East Africa and South America. Raphaël currently works on the advisory team of RCS Global where he focuses on responsible corporate sourcing practices and new raw materials due diligence.

Raphaël holds an MA in International Relations from Sciences Po Lyon, France, an MA in African Studies from Stanford University, United States, and an LLM in African Legal Studies from Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University, France. He is working toward a third MA in Anthropology at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris.

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Liz Muller


Liz is currently assisting in developing RSN's YESS program. Liz helps companies and industries develop sourcing strategies and protocols, implement standards and audit programs, and train supply chain actors and brand sourcing teams. She has worked extensively in the cotton and minerals industries. On behalf as Gap Inc., she acted as the first chairperson of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). As a consultant, Liz helped BCI design the Better Cotton supply chain system to support the production of—and demand for—Better Cotton.

Liz has evaluated climate change risks and resilience-building opportunities in the cotton apparel supply chain for Oxfam America. She has supported cotton merchants’ by advising on the development of their sustainability strategies and exploring vertical sourcing partnerships with global brands. Liz’s expertise extends to other commodities as well. She has evaluated market drivers in African agriculture supply chains. Liz also led a team that conducted smelter audits under the Conflict-free Smelter Program (CFSP) for over five years.

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Katie Chappuis

Cotton Program Intern

Katie Chappuis is a sustainable fashion researcher and consultant currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her work focuses on the analysis and mapping of textile supply chains and the development of more environmentally and socially responsible sourcing strategies for raw materials within the fashion industry.

She has recently her MA in Sustainability in Fashion. In partnership with hessnatur Stiftung, her thesis was developed as a decision-making tool, The Sustainable Cotton Atlas, which can aid fashion brands looking to shift their raw material sourcing towards more sustainable practices. Through doing so, it empowers a brand to use their purchasing power to affect positive change in the countries and farming communities they source from.

Since then, Katie’s work includes projects with the following organizations: Cotton Diaries, Fashion Revolution, UpNovation Berlin, Drip by Drip, and hessnatur Stiftung.


Stefanie Spear


Stefanie Spear is a communications and marketing consultant at RSN. She has been working to educate and motivate people to care about human health and the environment for nearly 30 years. Stefanie has founded several companies, including EcoWatch, Expedite Renewable Energy and Stellar Consulting. She continues to fight the good fight through her consulting business by working with people and organizations who are leading the charge for change.

When Stefanie is not in front of her computer, she is likely paddleboarding Lake Erie.


Revi Schlesinger


Revi Schlesinger has 25 years of experience as an apparel industry professional, corporate transformation consultant and sustainability entrepreneur. Supporting the execution of strategic business initiatives for global companies, Revi’s work centers on implementation of process innovations as a foundation for success in a dynamic marketplace. Revi brings deep expertise in optimizing strategy, business processes, infrastructure, and technologies specifically for end-to-end product lifecycle management of apparel and related products. She is the founder of Kids Organic Clothing Company, a multi-brand manufacturer and vendor of organic fair trade kids clothes. Offering a strategic perspective, project management skills, technical experience, and operations knowledge to YESS, Revi has provided high level support to the RSN team since April 2016 and has sat on the YESS Working Group since its inception.