Bosco Ntaganda, Fugitive Warlord from Congo Surrenders

The fugitive Congolese warlord, Bosco Ntaganda (aka “The Terminator”) turned himself into the U.S. embassy in Kigali, Rwanda on March 18, 2013.  


On March 22, 2013, he was escorted by officials of the International Criminal Courts from the U.S. embassy in Rwanda, to The Hague, where he is wanted for crimes against humanity which include the conscription of child soldiers, murder and rape as a means of terrorizing civilian populations.


Profiting from several mining operations in the region, Ntaganda has lived what appears to be a charmed life, frequenting the finest bars and hotels eastern Congo has to offer. Apparently impervious to his fugitive status and a U.S. bounty of $5 million for his arrest, he has been known to slip across the border into neighboring Rwanda, with no officials attempting to apprehend him.


According to Time, “(w)ith Ntaganda in The Hague, his M23 hardline faction, which opposed the peace agreement with the DRC, is out the way. M23 Military chief Makenga may now be able to go ahead and re-incorporate his men into the state army. Whether that will lead to peace in eastern Congo–and perhaps a rapprochement between the DRC and Rwanda—remains to be seen.”


No one knows for certain why he surrendered but the Washington Post offers some possibilities:

RSN Staff