The YESS Standard and YESS Workbook-the foundational documents to assess spinning mills-are now available to download!

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RSN has created the initiative YESS: Yarn Ethically & Sustainably Sourced to drive modern slavery out of cotton production by eliminating the market for cotton produced with forced labor, and increasing the use of ethical and sustainable cotton.

YESS utilizes the OECD risk-based due diligence approach to identify and eliminate modern slavery from cotton production and apparel supply chains. YESS is coordinating its activities with numerous sustainable cotton initiatives and other complementary programs to ensure harmonization of a due diligence system for the entire industry.

The Value of Creating YESS is to:

▪ Assist companies in complying with anti-slavery regulations.

▪ Contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8 and Indicator 8.7.

▪ Increase marketability for yarn spinners and brands sourcing ethical cotton.  

▪ Give consumers assurance that brands are working together to eliminate forced labor from the cotton industry.  

▪ Minimize verification costs and improve efficiencies.

▪ Train and enable yarn spinners to implement effective due diligence systems.

▪ Establish an industry-wide traceability approach and a global list of verified spinners and mills.


YESS Supporters

The following companies, organizations, and investors support YESS as one approach to help drive slavery out of cotton production. Visit the YESS Statement of Support and explore our list of supporters to see if your favorite companies and organizations have publicly said yes to YESS!

Total Supporters: 77
Last Updated: March 13, 2019