Company Pledge Against Forced Labor in the Cotton Sector of Turkmenistan

We, the undersigned companies are working to ensure that forced labor does not find its way into our products. We are aware of reports documenting the systemic use of forced labor in Turkmenistan’s cotton production. We are collaborating with a multi-stakeholder coalition to raise awareness of this very serious concern, and press for its elimination.

As a signatory to this pledge, we are stating our firm opposition to the use of forced labor in Turkmenistan’s cotton production. We commit to not knowingly source Turkmen cotton for the manufacturing of any of our products until the Government of Turkmenistan ends the practice of forced labor in its cotton sector. We will maintain this pledge until there is prevailing consensus by independent third party monitors – with agreement by the Cotton Campaign – that systemic forced labor has been eliminated.*  

*The points the Cotton Campaign and its members will use to verify the Government of Turkmenistan is no longer implementing a system of forced labor can be found here on the Cotton Campaign’s website.

Pledge Signatories

Stay tuned as retailers and brands take the pledge to eliminate Turkmen cotton from their supply chains!

Sign the Pledge

If your company or brand is interested in signing the pledge and implementing procedures to adhere to it, please click on the online form below, fill it out, and upload your agreement. If you do not have a digital signature, print out the form, sign it, and upload it: