Public Consultation for the
YESS Draft Standard

RSN's public consultation period for our YESS Draft Cotton Lint Standard has now ended.

A huge thank you for those who contributed to this important standard! The draft standard is still below for your review while we aggregate responses and make necessary revisions.

The goal of YESS is to drive forced labor out of cotton production.Once implemented, YESS will help train spinners on how best to create an effective due diligence system to keep cotton that may have been produced with forced labor out of their supply chains. The YESS program will include the standard, guidance documents, and training materials to verify participating spinners have established policies, material management systems, and transaction-level documentation to demonstrate they managing their cotton sourcing so it is free of forced labor.

For more information on the YESS initiative, and the process for this public consultation, see Frequently Asked Questions and the side bar. Questions and comments can be sent to

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