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Cotton Sourcing Snapshot

Responsible Sourcing Network’s new report Cotton Sourcing Snapshot: A Survey of Corporate Practices to End Forced Labor includes survey results and ratings of 49 companies reflecting actions they are taking to stop cotton from Uzbekistan picked with forced labor from entering their supply chains. The report provides an overview of industry challenges and best practices to give direction for a path forward.

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Federal Court’s Decision Allows SEC Conflict Minerals Disclosure Rule to Move Forward - But Investors Voice Concern over Invalidation of Key Requirement

Federal Court's Decision Allows SEC Conflict Minerals Disclosure Rule to Move Forward - But Investors Voice Concern over Invalidation of Key Requirement

Investors have issued a statement regarding the recent court opinion on the SEC 1502 conflict mineral rule. Although there is disappointment with the court’s protection against “compelled speech”, the large majority of the rule is intact and companies are still expected to disclose due diligence reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission by the end of May.

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Proposed EU Conflict Minerals Legislation Fails to Meet Human Rights Expectations

Proposed EU Conflict Minerals Legislation Fails to Meet Human Rights Expectations

On March 4th, after much anticipation, the European Union Commission proposed regulation for responsible minerals trading from conflict zones. While the EU deserves praise for taking definitive action on the issue, the recommended regulation has left campaigners and stakeholders underwhelmed. Advocates and experts say that without significant improvements, the regulation could fail to curb the human rights abuses it was designed to address. Read More >>

Advancing Human Rights through Tech & Innovation at RightsCon

Advancing Human Rights through Tech & Innovation at RightsCon

RSN Research Manager Karen Runde was invited to speak on a panel last week to discuss Supply Chain Transparency and Technology at this year’s RightsCon Silicon Valley Conference held at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. Over 700 attendees from more than 65 countries and 375 institutions attended RightsCon, including some of the world’s leading human rights experts, investors, corporate leaders, engineers, activists, and government representatives. Read More >>

Intel Commits to Conflict-Free Chips

Intel Commits to Conflict-Free Chips

Responsible Sourcing Network has been working closely with Intel and other industry leaders over the past three years to push for strong conflict mineral legislation and for supply chains to be accountable to human rights atrocities buried in the raw materials of their products. We applaud their achievement of launching the first conflict-free product on the market!



RSN wins People’s Choice BENNY award for advancement of corporate ethics!

Responsible Sourcing Network is proud to announce we have won a BENNY award for outstanding contribution to advancement of corporate ethics! We share with other groups a People’s Choice award for our work to stop forced child labor in Uzbekistan’s cotton industry. Come celebrate with us! Thurs. Dec. 19, 5 to 6:30pm PST, at the Sierra Club’s Yosemite Room in downtown San Francisco.


On human rights day, investors affirm responsibility of business to safeguard human rights in global supply chains

On human rights day, investors affirm responsibility of business to safeguard human rights in global supply chains

In commemoration of Human Rights Day 2013, today members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, a coalition of faith-based and socially responsible investors, announced that they would begin a month-long campaign in January to urge fifteen companies in the food-agricultural and hospitality sectors to implement policies that will prevent human rights abuses in their global supply chains.

The investors recently published a Statement of Principles and Recommended Practices for Confronting Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery, a report which forms the basis of all their dialogues with companies on human rights issues. See Statement >>


136 International Brands Valued at Over $1 Trillion Sign Pledge Against Forced Labor in Uzbek Cotton Fields

IKEA, Marks & Spencer and Other Apparel Brands Join Coalition for Responsible Sourcing.  Read blog >>


RSN and The Enough Project Release Paper Outlining Best Practices for SEC Conflict Mineral Reports

RSN and the Enough Project released the paper Expectations for Companies’ Conflict Mineral Reporting. It provides a set of reporting guidelines that SRI investors and human rights groups are expecting companies to disclose to the SEC by May 2014. The paper encourages companies to establish baselines in their inaugural reports and specify steps they will take to improve transparency in their conflict minerals sourcing. Download Report >>> 


Investors Applaud DC District Court Decision to Uphold Conflict Minerals Rule and Dismiss Lawsuit 

We applaud the decision taken by the DC District Court on July 23rd to uphold the implementing rules for Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act and to dismiss the lawsuit ….  See Statement>>>



Investors Support Conflict Minerals Rule and Reiterate Disagreement with Lawsuit

More than 50 sustainable, socially responsible, and faith-based investment groups representing $458.67 billion in assets under management released a statement today expressing their support for the SEC’s final rule for Conflict Mineral Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. They also reiterated their disagreement to the lawsuit filed against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, and the Business Roundtable.   Read Blog >>>




RSN Report:  To The Spinner: Forging A Chain to Responsible Sourcing

A new report to help brands identify high risk cotton and trace the origin of the cotton in their products so they can eliminate cotton linked to forced or child labor, particularly in Uzbekistan where the government orchestrates forced adult and child labor. Download Report >>>




RSN Report:  Resource Sharing in the DRC Examining the Role of Trusts

This report examines the potential of Trusts to assist the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC or Congo) as a useful organizational structure that could help tackle some of its current challenges such as food scarcity, land insecurity, and disempowerment of women.  Download Report >>>




Your company has signed the Cotton Pledge?

 What’s next?  See our guide to taking the next steps to reinforce your pledge commitment and get forced labor out of your cotton supply chain.  More here >>>





Nike Signs Cotton Pledge

We are thrilled that Nike and its brands Hurley and Converse have signed the cotton pledge.  Well played!! See the current list of pledge signees here >>> 


What’s Needed: An Overview of Multi-Stakeholder and Industry Activities to Achieve Conflict-Free Minerals

This white paper authored by Karen Sumie Runde and Nicole Sowers and edited by Patricia Jurewicz is a comprehensive overview of initiatives for investors and companies and emphasizes a holistic approach to solving the problem.