YESS!! We Want to Hear From You!

After months of research and talking to industry experts, we are very excited to be releasing our YESS: Yarn Ethically & Sustainably Sourced Draft Cotton Lint Standard for public consultation.

YESS is RSN’s spinner-level due diligence assessment designed to drive forced labor out of cotton production. We are looking for feedback on the YESS Draft Standard – the cornerstone of our YESS initiative. We want YESS to be as effective and appropriate for the industry as possible – therefore, we are looking to members of all levels of cotton apparel and home goods supply chains to give us feedback on how we can strengthen and advance the YESS Cotton Lint Standard.

We just launched our Public Consultation page, where the YESS Draft Standard is open for public comment through 11 April 2018. We encourage you to share the standard with your networks — we are actively soliciting comments from a broad array of stakeholders. 

To comment, fill out a Comment Log spreadsheet and email it to info (at) Common FAQs, a webinar and slide deck explaining YESS and our approach to the standard, and many other resources are on the Public Consultation page. You may also visit the YESS homepage for more information on YESS, to become a YESS supporter, and to see what the initiative has accomplished thus far.

We look forward to hearing from you! A huge thank you in advance for your contribution to make the YESS Cotton Lint Standard as appropriate and effective as possible, and help bring an end to forced labor in the cotton sector.

Patricia Jurewicz