The Price for Turkmen Cotton Is Too High

Turkmenistan may represent only 2% of the world’s cotton exports, but the rampant human rights violations in their cotton production demand our attention. Much of the country’s cotton is produced using a system of state-sponsored forced labor. This isn’t widely known, but Turkmenistan can’t fly under the radar and deliver goods produced with numerous human rights violations.

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Cobalt: Let’s Not Make the Same Mistakes Twice

For more than a century now we have relied on fossil fuel-powered vehicles with costly consequences for our planet. But one mineral is now allowing for a technological revolution and this mineral is cobalt. The development of cobalt-based lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries brings a new lease on life to the automobile industry. But it is not the only beneficiary. From the aerospace industry to the medical sector, cobalt has become an integral part of major innovations that will shape our future.

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YESS!! We Want to Hear From You!

YESS is RSN’s spinner-level due diligence assessment designed to drive forced labor out of cotton production. We are looking for feedback on the YESS Draft Standard – the cornerstone of our YESS initiative. We want YESS to be as effective and appropriate for the industry as possible – therefore, we are looking to members of all levels of cotton apparel and home goods supply chains to give us feedback on how we can strengthen and advance the YESS Cotton Lint Standard.

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Patricia Jurewicz
Shining a Light on the Missing Links of the Global Cotton Industry: Cotton Ginners in India

We at RSN have developed a solution to the above conundrum in YESS: Yarn Ethically & Sustainably Sourced. YESS will be a due diligence system to verify where cotton originates and check that yarn spinners have systems in place to avoid all cotton harvested with forced labor. To set up this system, we must go directly to the field and find out how cotton is traced through the supply chain. We will define what a robust due diligence system will look like at each tier of the chain, including farmers, traders, ginners, spinners, clothing manufacturers, brands, and retailers.

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RSN Staff