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RSN’s Mining the Disclosures 2015 is a deep analysis of corporate due diligence procedures that identify and address conflict minerals’ risks, human rights performance, and in-region impact. In addition to identifying leading practices, this report ranks the 155 largest market cap corporations among their peers so investors can see which companies need to improve their practices to create change. Because of Section 1502, more companies are recognizing that the human rights of miners and local families cannot be separated from the use of these minerals.


Conflict in eastern DRC continues to devastate vulnerable communities. Fortunately, awareness, transparency, and collaboration are increasing as a result of Section 1502. To achieve a peaceful and prosperous minerals trade in the DRC and neighboring countries, leadership must expand beyond a small group of highly committed companies to become the norm.


Report Findings

In a sample group of 155 large cap companies, only a handful of companies are close to sourcing 100% conflict-free tantalum from the DRC region. Intel is applauded as the sole company with a conflict-free product line. Other companies with relatively impressive scores according to RSN’s methodology include: Phillips, EMC, and QUALCOMM. All companies are rank highly among their peers.

Traceability is currently a higher priority than just meeting a conflict-free determination, which could include cutting off all trade from the DRC region. Amongst industries in general, the IT sector came out on top while the Pharmaceuticals, Packaging, and Oil & Gas industries placed last. There were several split industries, which had both leading and lagging performers, such as Industrial Conglomerates, Automobiles, and Energy Equipment.


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